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It was a long, long time ago...

One hundred years ago, actually, when the children started singing a song called NadNed (a Hebrew word which translates into English as “Seesaw”).

This famous old song, written by the late great poet Hayim Nahman Bialik, serves as the inspiration for NadNed, the clothing company – a young brand that embodies the playful, inclusive spirit of youth, with the style and dynamism of high-end fashion.

The First Collection

Available Spring 2019

NadNed's Essence

NadNed aligns childhood and luxury in perfect equilibrium. Let the children be children – there is an entire universe for them to discover. NadNed’s commitment to quality craftsmanship serves to enhance and enrich this journey.

From the materials and packaging to the designs themselves, each NadNed item is crafted with love, a playful twist, and an open mind about what might be possible.